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Hekkie Hek is a dice game played by two players. The goal is getting a 'Hekkie' for all numbers. In order to get a Hekkie for a number that number has to be rolled and chosen five times. Every time a number is rolled and chosen, a stripe is added to this number.

The numbers 1-6 are formed by using a single die and the numbers 7-12 are formed by summing up two dice. Every die is used only once each roll.

At first, all six dice are rolled. Next a number has to be chosen and the round will be played with this number. This number has to be rolled and there should be no Hekkie at this number. Every used die will be set aside and all remaining dice are rolled again. If there are zero dice remaining, then all six dice can be rolled again. The re-rolled dice will only be used to form the chosen number.

This will continue until the number can't be formed after rolling the dice and then the other player start a new round. One exception is when a Hekkie is formed at the chosen number. Then the player re-rolls all dice and chooses a new number.

The computer opponents make their choices for a number in different ways and are divided in the categories Hard, Medium, Easy. Also, two players can play against each other on a single iPad.

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