iScorePad is an application to help you in keeping track of scores in card games, dice games or board games. When you enter your separate sub scores for a game, iScorePad calculates your score. If you made a mistake, you can just change the sub score and it will recalculate your score immediately.

Questions and Answers

Q: How can I delete a player from a play?

A: For deleting a player from a play, swipe over the player and press delete.

Q: How can I delete a play from a game?

A: For deleting a play from a game, swipe over the player and press delete. For deleting all plays, you can go to All Games and press the trashcan.

Q: How can I change a name?

A: For changing the name of a player or team, press on the name and a new screen will appear where you can enter a name or choose one from you already used names.

Q: How can I see a preview of a game?

A: For a preview of a game, press the arrow button behind it in the In-App Purchase section.

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